2017 trends for your Byron Bay Wedding

2017 trends for your Byron Bay Wedding

And just like that, it’s over.

The fireworks have fizzled, the final piece of ham devoured, the last visitor finally on the road while your sunny, relaxed beach attire has been swapped for sensible heels and healthy packed lunches.

The end of the festive season may signal the end of one party season, but it also means it’s time to prepare for the most important celebration yet….your Byron Bay wedding.

It’s this time of year that we look for inspiration to enthuse our brides, see what’s trending and find out what styles, looks and designs will be popular in 2017. Find out our top five tips to help plan your upcoming 2017 Byron Bay Wedding.

Bridal style
For style setting brides that seek inspiration from Vogue, you’ll find palettes steering away from the classic white. Go bold – go green, black, metallic in colour but whatever you do, be true to yourself. And take a look, tailored pants are making a comeback….

Photos: Vogue

Vintage glamour
Still proving to be popular for Byron Bay Weddings are styles that evoke Vintage glamour. Channel a little old world charm and add a few modern touches for a classic and timeless theme. Stylish furniture, lace, vintage glassware, gold cutlery can all add an elegant touch to your Byron Bay Wedding.

Image: The Lane

What’s not
It’s easy to be influenced with the overwhelming amount of images and styles posted to wedding pinterest boards and Instagram pages. It’s easy to get confused and easily influenced. Be careful not to use flagging, overused and overrated ideas that are not specific to you and will quickly date. For example, a boho styled wedding is fine if it is true your style and personality, but for others beware…..according to wedding experts this look will be put on the shelf this year having well and truly played it’s tepee tune. According to Vogue, flower crowns, chalkboards signs and food trucks are also advised to be swept well and truly out of the 2017 season.

Image: greenbrideguide.com

Traditional menus
Plated dinners are back. Swaying from casual, informal styled menus which have been popular in the past, a more traditional approach is on the rise for Byron Bay weddings.

Photo: style me pretty

Less is more
Always our mantra. Do away with things like garter and bouquet tosses and even the replace the wedding cake for a unique dessert created by the head chef to wow your guests. “Brides and grooms alike are doing this less and less, and we think it’s just the beginning!” — Amorology.

Photo: style me pretty

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