celebrate australia’s biggest morning tea

celebrate australia’s biggest morning tea

2013 marks 20 years of this ­­­­­much-loved fundraising event, which has raised almost $110 million since its inception in 1993. recent studies have found that more than 61,000 australian lives have been saved since 1993, this equates to 8 lives every day over the last 20 years.  

one in two australians will be diagnosed with cancer by the age of 85. look around the room you are in, that’s a scary stat. every 12 minutes, someone in australia dies from cancer and about 13,140 people will die from the disease this year.  

as a direct result of cancer council nsw funding there has been a 19% improvement in five year survival rates across all cancers combined in the last 20 years. that’s a great reason to join in and have a cuppa on wed 22nd may. 

let’s look at some of the other significant advances: 

  • dr megan chircop at the children’s medical research institute is investigating a new class of drugs that could potentially be used to treat brain cancer. these new drugs, dynamin inhibitors, interfere with cancer cell division and have reduced mouse brain tumours by more than 80% with limited side effects. 


  • dr kathy willowson’s work at university of sydney is breaking new ground in liver cancer diagnosis and treatment. the cutting edge therapy is microspheres – tiny radioactive particles that find their way into the liver and deliver precise doses of radiation to help destroy tumours.


beach byron bay is a proud sponsor and supported of the 2013 australia’s biggest morning tea. the event will be held at the byron bay lighthouse on wednesday, 22nd may 2013.  

if you can’t attend the byron bay morning tea, you could consider organising your own. registration is easy. simply text ‘cure’ to 0400 867 867 & register at any time. the official date of australia’s biggest morning tea is on thursday 23rd may however events can be held any time during may or june. 

we look forward to seeing you at the byron bay lighthouse for one of the most pleasurable ways possible to contribute to such a fantastic cause.


Australia's Biggest Morning Tea