your guide to byron bay wedding weather

your guide to byron bay wedding weather

‘when is the best time of year for my byron bay wedding?’  the million dollar question on all our bride’s lips! the weather can play the most starring role on your special day….which is daunting when you think it’s the one thing you have absolutely no control over!  when it comes to the weather there is no magical crystal ball but don’t despair, we are here to guide you with the most essential weather tips for your byron bay wedding.

it rains!

blessed with picture perfect days, spectacular sunsets and rolling hinterland vistas, it’s hard to imagine your dream byron bay wedding would ever be dampened with rain.  having a subtropical climate means we are subject to a higher than average rainfall, so it’s not surprising why byron bay is home to such lush rainforests and dramatic coastline landscapes. having a back up plan is essential, but don’t panic, here at byron beach café, we are here to guide you and discuss the best options that will ensure that you and your guests are comfortable, relaxed and your wedding goes off without a hitch.


winter wonderland

byron bay is actually the perfect place to have a winter wedding. you’ll find there will be more flexible options and availability for not only byron bay wedding venues, but for accommodation and flights too.  with rainfall at its’ heaviest between the very hot months of january – march, it’s not  surprising why more than ever, brides are opting for the cooler, dryer, winter period to hold their byron bay wedding.


what to pack

leave the stilettos at home, dust off the kaftan and embrace the laidback lifestyle during the lead up to your wedding.  byron bay is a diverse beachside town with the temps rarely dipping below 20c and next to no need for fancy attire. be careful not to make your suitcase a formal affair, besides of course maybe that one very special dress and pair of heels.

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days are long and the nights are warm

who wants their special day ever to end? whether you’re having a beach wedding, a lighthouse ceremony or a garden party, having a wedding during daylight savings will provide a stunning backdrop that will continue into the early hours of the evening. toast your first speech to the sun setting over mt warning and the nightcap ranges making way for a balmy, starlit evening.    talk to us about how you can celebrate your reception under the stars at the beach byron bay.

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it’s getting hot in here

the sub-tropical climate typical of the northern rivers also means the weather can be hot, humid and windy. keep this in mind when you’re deciding on the groomsman attire and what time of day you are planning to have your byron bay wedding ceremony. a three piece suit in the middle of summer might not be the best way to keep your leading man cool, calm and collected under the collar. talk to us about the best byron ceremony locations and how we can assist with coordinating your day.