Byron Bay Wedding Beach Trends

Byron Bay Wedding Beach Trends

Beach Trends for Beach Brides

Imagine exchanging your vows on a white-sand stretch of beach, with an ocean sparkling and a beautiful sunset in the background. The beach is the perfect place for a romantic wedding day and there are many fantastic ideas to design an idyllic setting, and various inspiring outfits you can choose from for this fancy affair. From wonderful beachy gowns, to stunning wedding hairstyles – there are plenty of things to think about, and carefully plan all the details, if you want to achieve a flawless wedding style. Here are a few tips how to wow your guests and outshine the whole surrounding by choosing a perfect outfit for one of the most precious days in your life – your Byron Bay Wedding!


Choose a beach-friendly wedding dress

For a nautical barefoot ceremony, while having your toes in the sand and enjoying in an exceptional oceanfront setting, it is very important to choose the wedding dress which you will feel most comfortable in. Go for light and airy gowns made of breathable fabrics that will allow you to move freely, and blissfully enjoy every moment of it. There is a wide array of beachy gowns – from strapless and sophisticated to short and flirty – that will add a finishing touch to your special day. However, make sure you opt for a gown that will complement a non-traditional venue, like the beach.


Spice it up with fabulous pair of shoes

Statement-making shoes will definitely add a spark to your wedding outfit. Since you will be walking almost barefoot on the sandy ground, it’s an ideal opportunity to wear some sand-friendly shoes such as a pair of bedazzled sandals or glamorous flats. They will allow you to feel the sand and splashes of salty water underneath your feet. However, if the wedding reception that follows your Byron Bay ceremony takes place in an enclosed area, you can indulge yourself by matching a pair of fabulous stylish bridal shoes with the rest of your wedding outfit. Avoid suede or satin shoes as they are very sensitive and can easily be ruined, especially on the sandy shores of Byron Bay.


Get a unique breezy beach hairstyle

There is a variety of amazing hairstyles, from beautiful stylish updos with hair flowers and veils to long and tousled hairstyle. A casual atmosphere of a tropical beach wedding is perfect for beach-ready hairstyles that will keep your look fresh and seemingly effortless while accentuating your natural beauty. There is nothing more effective and chic than wonderful, classy and timeless beachy waves. This hairstyle will make you feel a bit more like a glamorous surfer babe and it will allow you to enjoy the ceremony without worrying about dozens of bobby pins that may fall out during the dance. Also, you can experiment with eye-catching braids or loose curls by adding a sparkly vintage-looking clip, or a romantic tiara to take it up a notch.


Add a final touch with the perfect makeup

Getting married in a picturesque setting like the beach, with all the fresh salty air, crashing waves and warm sunny weather will undoubtedly affect your Byron Bay wedding makeup. If you want to achieve perfect makeup and make your skin look fantastic, do specific strategizing. Before applying any makeup, exfoliate your face and lips as it will make your skin smooth, and drink plenty of water if you want to avoid dry skin. A lightweight primer followed by a matte foundation is essential for achieving the natural look. Next, apply a coral blush to add a summery flush to your face, and choose the makeup that enhances your features by choosing a fresh and simple style, like a rosy lipstick and waterproof mascara.

Feeling ready for your Byron Bay Wedding day? Probably not, but we hope you feel more inspired!