style tips for your byron bay wedding

style tips for your byron bay wedding

it’s all in the detail……

its’ been said that a wedding can take over 250hrs to plan. yikes! it’s seems crazy to think that one day can manifest so many hours of work – isn’t it meant to be fun? yes! it is, and planning can all be part of the crazy, fun, overwhelming journey that is getting married in byron bay.

we’ve been around. we have seen hundreds of weddings, and know those extra little details than can give your wedding the wow factor. so be efficient with those man hours and put in the time where it counts. here’s a few tips, hints and pics to get your creative juices flowing!


flower fun

why be beige? or pink, or mauve or white. bring splashes of colour & brightness to your byron bay wedding to reflect the celebratory feel and incorporate a few of your favourite colours throughout the day.



 retro ride

whether it be a double decker bus, procession of kombis or a set of retro bikes, there are many ways now to arrive to your byron bay wedding than in a luxury vehicle. surprise your guests and have a little fun along the way.



bubbly arrival

why not mix it up a little and offer your guests a drink from your very own whisky bar, a champagne cocktail on arrival or a vintage inspired refreshment served in old mason jars straight out of a restored vintage caravan to welcome your guests at your byron bay reception venue.

 grant macintyre photography


let them eat hand painted cake.

an evolving trend in the cake world are beautifully designed, hand painted cakes, crafted by cake professionals, offering a stylish twists on the traditional wedding cake.



leave it to the pros

some things are best left to the experts. there are companies that specialise in being the creative force behind your wedding day, and can put your wildest dreams into action. these special people can put together a one-of-a-kind, out of the box style events or simply assist with furniture ideas, special prop hire and creating unique settings to personalise your byron bay wedding.




is a wonderful tool to get ideas flowing and to see what’s on trend , but don’t put too much pressure on yourself to invent a wedding style! it is easy to be overwhelmed with the saturation of ideas, gorgeous pictures and information. so whilst it’s great to get imaginative, keep true to yourself, do away with tradition and what’s expected out the door if it’s not right for you.



turn it on

a beautiful ambient wedding glow is only the flick of a switch away.  whether it be hundreds of fairy lights strung above your guests, elegant chandeliers or fun and colourful lanterns hung in a garden setting, there are so many ways that lighting can give your evening a touch of elegance and style.

Byron Beach Cafe Byron Wedding 65


byron bay wedding venue

ensure your style matches the venue as you don’t want to clash with your surroundings. for example, simple, uncluttered decorations work best for the byron beach café. a less is more approach goes a long way given the stunning location and view. if you’d like to know more about byron weddings and how we can assist with your special day click here.

 Beach Cafe - Cocktail Setting 2