top 10 tips for your byron bay wedding

top 10 tips for your byron bay wedding

sophisticated simplicity – top ten tips for your byron bay wedding

let’s not beat around the wedding bush. the average byron bay wedding could easily cost you the same amount as your first house deposit, a new car or even a trip around the world! from organising hundreds of weddings and dealing with many byron bay wedding professionals, we know the tips and tricks that will ensure your day will have that sophisticated, elegant style without having to make unnecessary sacrifices.

talk about it.

make sure not only you and your partner are on the same page about your byron bay wedding plans, but both your parents if they are involved.

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take your time

having enough time to plan, will not only help alleviate any stress in your planning, it will also give you a wider choice of byron bay wedding ceremony locations and suppliers.

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hire a planner

it sounds counterintuitive, but spending money on a planner to organise some or all of your byron wedding can actually save time, money  and stress.  a planner knows the best suppliers and can negotiate costs and manage the day without stress (priceless!). talk to us about how we can help you find the best suppliers for your byron bay wedding.

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avoid peak periods

part of the beauty of byron is the climate. with its sunny days and warm temperatures common for most of the year, it’s a perfect place to have a winter wedding. you’ll find there will be more flexible options and availability for not only byron bay wedding venues ,   but for accommodation and flights too.  with rainfall at its’ heaviest between the very hot months of january – march,  it’s not  surprising why more than ever, brides are opting for the cooler, dryer, winter period to hold their byron bay wedding.

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the evolution of instagram has provided an amazing visual discovery tool that can help give you ideas from style trends to unique and beautiful decoration ideas. follow us on instagram to see what’s trending #byronbeachcafe 

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the dress

think sample sales & designer clearances. you will be amazed at the discounts on designer dresses and accessories – we’re talking savings up to 70 percent.  don’t be surprised also if you can find second hand dresses for sale that have never been worn, due to a postponed wedding or a change of heart, so keep an eye out and you might snag yourself a designer dress without the hefty pricetag!


let them not eat cake.

an ever increasing  trend is to do away with the wedding cake completely and choose a delicious and unique dessert from the caterers menu. click here for some inspiration

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phone a friend.

or an aunty, a sister inlaw or a cousin.  draw on the talents of your family and friends  who may be able to assist you with bringing some of their skills to the party.  from creative input to music selection, you’ll be surprised at how happy people are in making your day a shared effort.

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keep it simple

pick what is most important to you and prioritize based on that, not on expectations. be true to yourself and plan a wedding that you’ll have time to enjoy rather them stressing over little things, which in the end, won’t really matter.  remember what is important – marrying the love of your life! the cake, dresses, flowers, food and drink all come second to that. this will help you maintain a realistic perspective on your byron bay wedding.

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talk to experienced brides

whether it be people you know at work, your friends or from bloggers online, there will tips on offer or tales of what they wish they would of done differently or ideas they may like to share.

or talk to us! we have 20yrs of experience, and have organised  hundreds of byron bay weddings and can help turn your dream into a reality.

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